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Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 11, 2017

Policy and regulatory research

At ANT Consulting, we assist client to search and analyze policy and regulation that have direct implications to the business of the clients.

We offer insights on the changing policy landscape and the risks and opportunities for investors and business person.  We utilize contacts within the public and private sectors to ensure accurate and timely information.  Overall, we assist client to make an informed and better business decision through local contact in Vietnam in a management report.
ANT Consulting is here to assist you from the outset; providing intelligence, information, management or support and administrative services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation.  Our services are as following:
We strive to save your cost by guiding you towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support you through early logistic solutions and carry you through as your business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.
We could be reached at email: or tel: +8428 3520 2779 .  To learn more about us, please visit
Let us help your business in Vietnam.

Vietnam Market Research

Market research is an important operation. If the market research is well done, it provides accurate information to help marketers make an appropriate strategy and then, bring high efficiency in business. In other words, if the result of market research is inaccurate information and does not correctly reflect the actual market situation, marketing activities will be inefficient.

Companies would fail if underestimating the importance of market research before entering a new market.
Therefore, market research activity is so important for whomever needing success. Namely, the market research is considered an active approach to enter into the market. The market research also helps you understand the latest development in the target market, thereby making marketing decisions quickly. The international business environment is quite volatile, that‘s why you need a proactive approach like that and it is really your competitive advantage.
Through the market research, you can form the idea of developing a new product and choose the correct strategy for that product in each specific market. Through research, you also do not have to waste money and effort for the false hope, especially when you export the products to oversea for the first time. On the other hand, it should be noted that although the market research does not make sure success in business, it will help you avoid many wrong decisions.
Market research service can:
  • Help find the biggest market for your products, the fastest growing market, trends and prospects of market, conditions, business practices and opportunities for your product on the market.
  • Allow to make efforts effectively in a field or a certain range. After that, you can set the priority for a specific target market and plan for the future market.
  • Help understand the competitors, including strengths and weaknesses, mistakes and their causes of success.
  • Help find ideas to develop new products.
  • Helps strengthen business relationships with partners.
If you wish to explore investment opportunities, before setting-up company, or learn benefits of doing business in Ho Chi Minh City, or doing business in Hanoi, let us help with market research.  Please contact us via email or call our office number: +848 35202779 (HCMC) or +844 39388751 (Hanoi).

Market Entry

International corporations would face challenges to understand the Vietnam market in both commercial and regulatory terms. We aim to assist clients to fill that gap. Our market entry services cover a range of services that help the clients to do business in Vietnam in a cost effective ways through:
We understand the challenges you are facing, and we help you with strategies that work best for you.
Let ANT Consulting help your business in Vietnam.

Risk Management Necessity in Vietnam?

As Vietnam further integrates into the world business, more investors are eyeing Vietnam for investment. As part of investment due diligence, risk management are always well considered before foreign investors decide to do business with Vietnam partners.

In any parts of the world inluding Vietnam, risk is an inevitable factor in business operation activities; higher return is always accompanied by higher risks. Coping and managing risk is an integral part of any business in order to make profit and create value to shareholders in import export transaction, investment, or merger and acquisition activities in Vietnam.
However, in our daily consulting practice, we have seen a number of businesses whom do not manage riskeffectively and furthermore not fully understand about the risks that they are facing.
Typical risks in developing countries like Vietnam are political risks, policy risks, regulations risks, credit risks, bribery and corruptions, and organized crimes.
On daily transaction in trading, according to Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are situations a number of corporate scams between Vietnam and foreign enterprises are reported. In particular, foreign companies sell goods or provide services to partners in Vietnam and in return the Vietnam partner fail to pay.
On a larger scale in FDI through business formation or M&A origination and execution, businesses that do not improve the risk management process will have to face with a lot of different types of risks: serious financial losses, adversely affecting cash flows and the value of shares, decreasing prestige with customers, employees and investors.
Many business leaders often put heavy emphasis on the business activity, profit, and revenues instead of concentrating more on risk management especially understading business partners through corporate intelligence investigation, background studying, adverse media search through professional consultants in Vietnam whom understand languages, cultures, legal environment and busieness practices. Further searches could help foreign investors to understand the company itself, owners, shareholders, members of board of directors of partner companies whom make daily decisions of the business.
In the period that global crisis has been predicted that almost bottom out and start to show signs of recovery, although the recovery process can occur with different speed and characteristics depending on sector and location of the business, the fully preparation of business in all aspects including process and risk management strategy could helps business not falling into the passive and also have more possibilities to take advantage of growth opportunities after the recession.
Recently in Vietnam with the impact of high inflation rate and economic recession caused by the global financial crisis, enterprises are increasingly concern about risk management activities. Many experts believe that an effective and well organized risk management system will help businesses withstand and overcome fluctuations.
ANT Consulting is here to assist you from the outset; providing corporate intelligence, risk advisory, management consulting services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation.  Our services are as following:
We strive to save your cost by guiding you towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support you through early logistic solutions and carry you through as your business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.
We could be reached at email: or tel: +848 3520 2779 .  To learn more about us, please visit

Background Check Service in Vietnam

Vietnam is working on improving on the level of transparency. It is advisable that foreign investors take effort to learn about their partners before cooperating with them. In other words, it is important to understand an individual or enterprise before joining 

Despite the high risks of fraud, there are good opportunities in Vietnam. Namely, at the present, Vietnam has been strongly attracting direct investment capital from foreign investors. This leads to the demands of investigation as above – mentioned.
If the investors ignore this step of investigation, they may take heavy consequences because of their subjective. It may be a loss of money, time, effort and reputation.
Normally, most of the investors investing in Vietnam for the first time are using survey results from third parties, that is, the companies specializing in the investigation of market information.
Because, first, when investing in a whole new market, the investors do not understand clearly about the investment environment as well as the operating subjects in this new market. If the investors conduct the investigations themselves, the result may be inaccurate and not objective.
Second, the investors can save time as well as money to focus on other professional activities. With a team of experienced professionals, the companies specializing in this investigation field have full of capacity to meet all requests from the investors. Besides, time for the investigation is quick, and the price shall be much cheaper than the cost that the investors use to do their own investigation.
Therefore, if you are going to invest in Vietnam, we recommend you to conduct a thorough Vietnam background check, which includes the followings:
  • Research for records of enterprises or record of individuals in Vietnam;
  • Research for the reputation of the company or individual who shall be your business partners in Vietnam;
  • Research for the history of public information about the company or individual.
Before an investor wishes to set-up a business venture in Vietnam, it is advised to learn about the market, the business partner in Vietnam.  Let ANT Consulting help your business. Please contact us via email or call our office number: +848 35202779 (HCMC) or +844 39388751 (Hanoi).

Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 10, 2017

Taste of US investors in Investment in Vietnam

The scent of American investors

Renewable energy, high technology industries, supporting industries… are areas that are interested by US investors when they come to set up company in Vietnam.
One of the “hot” issues that US businesses and investors interested in is the issue of cooperation and investment in the field of renewable energy. According to Mr Freb Burke from Baker & McKenzie, renewable energy is currently the most attractive investment area. Vietnam will avoid the construction of thermal power plants when moving to invest in wind and solar power plants.
In addition, many multinational corporations have strict environmental standards and they want these standards to be applied globally. Manufacturers also want to produce consumer goods using clean energy. For example, Apple is making a commitment to achieve 100% clean energy in their global supply chain. Hence, if Vietnam wants to attract investors like Apple, Vietnam should produce enough renewable energy to meet their needs.
According to Mr Burke’s explanation, renewable energy secures energy and environment security for Vietnam, helping Vietnam tap its potential and export energy. Renewable power plants attract the interest of US businesses like First Solar and GE. Furthermore, Vietnam has just raised its electricity purchase price to 9.35 UScent per kWh. This is a relatively attractive price for foreign investors due to the reduction in the price of wind and solar power along with the development of technology. However, Vietnam needs long-term guarantees for investors to borrow from banks and invest.
Moreover, the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham) stated that the Association and its partners are proposing a Production Energy Plan in Vietnam to provide a needed road map for reforms, in order to attract investors, equipment suppliers, manufacturers and operators from the United States.
In addition, many US investors have also expressed their interest in intelligent cities, waste treatment projects, high-tech industries… Many businesses say that despite the United States withdrawal from the TPP agreement, trade relations between Vietnam and United States will continue to develop strongly in the future.
In fact, in recent times, high technology and supporting industries have attracted more projects of US investors. According to the owner of Saigon Silicon Project, after the construction of the project in Saigon Hi-Tech Park in the second half of 2016, up to now, many US investors have expressed their plan to implement projects here. It is planned that after completion of the infrastructure, the project can attract about 20 projects operating in the field of high tech and supporting industries, with investment capital of about 1.5 billion USD.
Meanwhile, a group of US scientists and businesses have recently reached an initial agreement on implementing a smart glass production project in Long An province with a billion dollar investment capital. This is a high-tech manufacturing project and about 90% of the output will be exported.
According to businesses, the results of investment attraction is not worth the potential of the two countries. Currently, the United States ranks 9th among foreign investors in Vietnam, with an investment of about 10 billion USD according to registered statistics from the United States. However, if we count the investment from the United States through third countries, the investment capital must be greater, for example, the Intel project has investment of more than 1 billion USD, but the investment capital is registered from the enterprise based in Netherlands.
Another good news is that, during the US visit of Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the end of May 2017, US and Vietnamese businesses have signed contracts worth tens of billions of dollars in many fields. Therefore, according to businesses, if the bottlenecks, especially the regulatory and framework issues on investment are improved, the flow of investment from the United States is likely to increase in the coming time.

US Investors Have Poured 1.1 Billion USD into Ho Tram Strip Project

The Ho Tram Strip project was poured $ 1.1 billion by US investors

Asian Coast Development Ltd is one of the large US investor who come and set up company in Vietnam.
Ho Tram Project Company (HTP) is a wholly foreign-owned subsidiary of Asian Coast Development Ltd, with more than 1 billion USD of committed capital deployed, which is the largest US private company investing in Vietnam. Moreover, they are also the first company to register for Vietnamese to play casino.
According to HTP – the investor of the 4-billion-dollar-super-project named “Ho Tram Strip”, the Company has poured 1.1 billion USD in this project and they has just announced to continue to fund the phase 3 includes apartment tower, condotel and villa.
Located on the north side of The Grand Ho Tram Strip resort, the 12-story Kahuna Ho Tram Strip project has a total of 244 rooms. It consists of 164 one or two-bedroom apartments, 9 penthouse apartments and 44 luxury villas located on the beach with area of 218 to 223 square meters.
According to the developer, this project when completed will contribute to the diversification of facilities and realize the goal of turning Ho Tram into the entertainment capital of Vietnam. In addition, HTP has developed the Gallery Villa apartment project at the nearby The Bluffs golf course. The 2nd hotel tower with 559 rooms named “The Beach Club” is now rushing to complete to welcome its first guests in early 2018. Furthermore, other service facilities such as water park, outdoor theater and private international airport are also underway.
It is known that the price of condotel apartment in Ho Tram is from 2 billion VND (equivalent to about 88,800 USD), villa is priced from 8 billion VND (about 350,000 USD). The project was designed by leading architectural firm Korn Architects and is due to commence in quarter 4 of 2017.

Open for Private Investment in Vietnam Railways

The revised Railway Law has just been passed by the National Assembly will create attraction for investors to set up company in Vietnam to invest in infrastructure and railway projects.
The revised Railway Law has just been passed by the National Assembly and is expected to come into force on July 1st 2018 with many preferential mechanisms that will create attraction for investors to invest in infrastructure and railway projects.
Up to now, Lotte E&C (Korea) is the most zealous foreign investor in the Yen Vien – Lao Cai Railway Upgrading Project and the project to build railway connecting Lao Cai – Ha Khau in the form of PPP. Previously, in mid-February 2017, a preliminary study including investment plan, capital size and project repayment capacity was submitted by the Korean investor to the Ministry of Transport. In addition to the proposal to apply the form of build – lease – transfer (BLT), Lotte also wants to receive some incentives during the implementation of the project.
It is known that with the type of BLT contract, Lotte will invest capital to build infrastructure. Upon completion, the investor is entitled to provide services on the basis of operating that facility in a determined period of 20 years. The competent state agency shall hire the service and pay to the investor, when expired, the investor shall return the facility to the competent State authority for management and use.
Moreover, the Railway Law (amended) has added a number of provisions, which are considered to be the great drive for the railway sector. Specifically, the rail transport business is defined as the industry that is entitled to investment incentives; Organizations and individuals engaged in railway activities shall be entitled to incentives and supports such as free land use fees for land area for infrastructure construction, the highest incentives level for enterprise income tax rate, enjoy the most preferential credit policy; applying the pricing mechanism for the mode of leasing or transferring the right to exploit railway infrastructure.
These regulations will create breakthroughs in investment resources, attracting businesses to concentrate resources on railway development, in fact many countries have similar policies

Will Form New Value Chain in Vietnam – Japan Economic Cooperation

Japan-Vietnam economic cooperation will form a new value chain

Japan has truly become a strategic partner of Vietnam. Currently, trade activities between the two countries are being promoted and more and more Japanese businesses choose to set up company in Vietnam.
According to Mr. Hironobu Kitagawa, Chief Representative of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Vietnam, it is not just a single sector investment, the integration of industry groups to create new value chains is essential for Vietnam -Japan economic cooperation.
During the recent visit to Japan by Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, many collaboration memorandum have been signed, as well as 1,600 attendees pointed out that Japanese enterprises pay high attention to the investment in Vietnam. In the eyes of Japanese businesses, Vietnamese market is a continuous growing market. In addition to the second group of industries (manufacturing and processing industries), enterprises will expand into other sectors such as the first industry group (agriculture sector) and the third industry group (service industries).
Japanese side affirmed that they would continue to support Vietnam in implementing the plans of the 6 selected industries in order to accelerate Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization process. Basically, direct investment from abroad will boost domestic industry and boost economic growth. Of course, if foreign economic relations accelerate, the ability to create new business opportunities will be greater, while stimulating the domestic consumption market. Therefore, through the receipt of investment from abroad, the building of mutually beneficial relationship is necessary.
Increasing investment from Japan in 6 areas (especially electronics, food processing and car accessories) is the focus for accumulation of supporting industries. This is expected to contribute to the nurturing of Vietnamese enterprises. Moreover, JETRO will continue to contribute to the development of supporting industries in Vietnam by organizing annual supporting industry exhibitions.

Korean Corporation Builds Aircraft Engine Spare Part Factory in Vietnam

Vietnam is being invested by Korean corporations in the project to build aircraft engine factory

Hanwha Techwin is seeking opportunity to expand capacity through opening factory abroad and they chose to set up factory in Vietnam.
Hanwha Techwin Corporation from Korea has selected a 10 hectares site on the suburb of Hanoi to build a factory manufacturing aircraft engine spare parts.
The Corporation is now waiting for the Vietnamese Government to approve the project. If licensed, Hanwha Techwin will start construction of the factory in August 2017 and begin operation in the second quarter of 2018. This factory covers an area of 6ha, 8 times more than a regular football field.
In order to implement the plan to raise revenue from aircraft engine spare parts to 900 million USD, Hanwha Techwin is seeking to expand capacity through opening factory abroad. In which, among many areas targeted by Hanwha Techwin, Vietnam was selected for having a suitable logistics environment and high competitive advantage in terms of production costs.
This technology corporation is expanding its engine parts business by winning large contracts from leading global aircraft engine manufacturers such as GE, Pratt & Whitney (P&W) and Rolls-Royce.
Earlier in April 2017, Hanwha Techwin Corporation started construction of Hanwha Techwin Security factory in Que Vo Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province. Phase 1 of this 100-million-USD project will manufacture CCTV camera, storage devices, high technology security surveillance devices.

Japanese Enterprises Want to Leave China to Enter Vietnam

The labor costs in China rose steadily, along with the territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo are the two factors that the Japanese business community wants to move their production to Vietnam instead of China.

Mitsui OSK Lines, the largest shipping company in Japan has decided to invest 1.2 billion USD in the project to build international container port in Hai Phong. The decision is given 3 years since the Japanese businesses gradually increase investment in Southeast Asia due to the rising labor costs in China and the territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo causes many complex issues to incur.
The International Container Terminal Project in Hai Phong is implemented by the Tan Cang Saigon Company, partner Molnykit (Japan) and Hai Phong International Container Port, in the form of public-private partnership (PPP) and under the guidelines the Government of Vietnam and Japan.
According to  the Financial Times, the terminal will start operation in 2018 and double the port’s current capacity to serve the needs of the growing electronics manufacturer industrial zones near Hanoi.
Currently, the situation that many Japanese companies close their factories in southern China and moved manufacturing operations to areas with cheaper labor costs in Vietnam.
Since the protests against Japan exploded in major cities of China in 2012, investing activities of Japanese companies in Southeast Asia surged. The foreign direct investment from Japan to ASEAN reached more than 20 billion USD in 2015, according to Government data, and exceeded total foreign direct investment in China, Hong Kong.
Results from an annual large-scale survey of Japan External Trade Organization showed that the proportion of Japanese companies want to expand production in China fell below 40% since 1998.
According to another report from Mizuho Research Institute, after surveying the opinions of more than 1,000 Japanese manufacturers, it is showed that Vietnam was the top destination among 12 countries participating in TPP Agreement for companies who want to increase their investment.
Vietnam is also one of the countries in which Japanese firms considered ideal to build the factory if they move production out of China’s territory.
Many reports estimate the total domestic product of the ASEAN countries will increase from the current rate of 2.6 trillion USD to 5.8 trillion USD in 2025. The rising labor costs in China are changing the conception of the Japanese business community on the role of ASEAN in the global supply chain. Vietnam is really an emerging heaven of electronic products. This fact will completely change the macroeconomic outlook of Vietnam.
In addition to the prospect to become the center of merchandise exports to Europe and the United States, Vietnam can also directly supply goods to the ASEAN markets in the context of mass population is about to reach 700 million people.
ANT Consulting is here to assist you from the outset; providing corporate intelligence, risk advisory, management consulting services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation.  Our services are as following:
We strive to save your cost by guiding you towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support you through early logistic solutions and carry you through as your business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.
We could be reached at email: or tel: +848 3520 2779 .  To learn more about us, please visit

Thứ Hai, 16 tháng 10, 2017

Due Diligence in Choosing Business Partner

Joint ventures and association in business will bring many opportunities for the development and success, especially expanding and making entry into new Vietnam as new marketthrough cross border transaction, setting up companyacquiring shares in new company.

However, it is not easy to choose partners to help maximize the value for business, especially in this difficult time. That is the reason why we should conduct the due diligence research in Vietnam before making any decision.
According to experts, there are enterprises that growing very fast because they choose the right partners involving in the value chain, but also there are well-known enterprises in the market that have to face with a lot of difficulties due to choosing wrong partners. Therefore, how to choose the right business partners, financial partners and strategic shareholders to help enterprises overcome difficulties, develop faster and more sustainable are always issues that concerned by many business leaders.
In challenging conditions as at present, the economic situation in Vietnam and the world places great influence on the partner selection of companies. Currently, the debt crisis in some European countries caused the demand for import from these countries dropped sharply. Therefore, Vietnam enterprises must seek new markets. In this situation, companies should restructure their operations, choosing to produce products that are suitable with the new markets.
There are two key partners that companies need to keep in mind, they are financial partner and business partner. Depending on the objectives of the companies that they will choose the right partner. Normally, with the stable economic condition, companies often choose strategic partner.
However, in difficult situation such as the present, the choice of partners is made for short term so that the company could be able to change and adapt according to the general environmental condition. Many experts believe that, in difficult times, good cooperation will help enterprises to stand firm and “over storm” successfully.
Hence, conducting the due diligence research helps us to have a clearer vision of partners before deciding to cooperate with them in business, especially partners in foreign countries where you still feel strange. Whether choosing business partner or financial partner, companies should be cautious. They should learn from the Japanese companies. Before deciding to cooperate with a partner, Japanese companies often study the partners very thoroughly. Therefore, the cooperation project of Japanese companies often succeeds up to 85%.
ANT Consulting is here to assist you from the outset; providing corporate intelligence, risk advisory, management consulting services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation.  Our services are as following:
We strive to save your cost by guiding you towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support you through early logistic solutions and carry you through as your business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.
We could be reached at email: or tel: +848 3520 2779 .  To learn more about us, please visit

Vietnam and European Union Will Eliminate over 99% Import Tariffs on Each Other

At a press conference on October 30th in Vietnam informed of important agreements between Vietnam and European Union (EU), Mr. Bruno Angelet – Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union (EU) said that early August 2015, the EU and Vietnam has announced the conclusion of negotiations but the negotiation group continues to resolve the remaining technical issues, while improving documents.
Once completed, the Agreement must be approved by the National Assembly of Vietnam, the Council and the European Parliament. Accordingly, Vietnam and the EU will eliminate over 99% of import tariffs.
For the few remaining tariffs, both parties will grant each other tariff quota or tariff reduction. This can be seen as the highest level of commitment that Vietnam has achieved in the FTA has been signed so far.
In the investment sector, the commitments to ensure an open business and investment environment to help promote high quality investment flows of both the EU and other partners in Vietnam. Thus, Vietnam has the opportunity to become the connection for trade and investment activities between EU and other countries in the region.
In addition, the commitments related to investment, liberalization of trade, service, Government procurement and intellectual property protection… will also open up opportunities for both sides to approach each other’s markets and ensure balance overall benefit.
EU can become the best partner in the future of Vietnam because Vietnam is also becoming one of the most dynamic countries and have good relationship with EU in the region. EU can support Vietnam in many fields such as governance models and provide excellent services in the field of infrastructure, training and education, the judiciary and law, health, social insurance and sustainable energy.
ANT Consulting is here to assist you from the outset; providing intelligence, information, management or support and administrative services that assist market entrance, and ensure efficient business start-up operation.  Our services are as following:
We strive to save your cost by guiding you towards economical solutions that comply with local legislation and procedures. We support you through early logistic solutions and carry you through as your business grows.  We aim to bridge the gap between international best practices and local cultures and assist foreign companies and organizations entering Vietnam market to overcome commercial and regulatory issues.
We could be reached at email: or tel: +848 3520 2779 .  To learn more about us, please visit

Chủ Nhật, 8 tháng 10, 2017

Tetra Pak Construct 110 Million USD Packaging Factory in Binh Duong

Japan-Vietnam economic cooperation will form a new value chain

Tetra Pak (Sweden) has started construction of a 110 million USD packaging factory on an area of 10,000 m2 and a total capacity of 20 billion packages per year at Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park II – A (Binh Duong). This information has been announced since the end of 2016. The factory is expected to come into operation by the beginning of 2019.
According to the Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, this is the factory with largest scale among 54 projects that Sweden investors have invested in Vietnam.
Moreover, he affirmed that the factory could become the leading bird, leading many Swedish businesses to come and set up business in Vietnam.
Sweden was the first country in the Western region that establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam. There will be many Swedish multinational corporations want to invest in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam in general and Binh Duong in particular need to prepare better investment environment to catch the wave of FDI, especially from Sweden.
According to representative of Tetra Pak, this is the company’s most green packaging factory in their system, as well as the 4th largest packaging factory in East Asia and Oceania in terms of scale.
The two popular types of packaging will be produced at the factory including Tetra Brik Aseptic and Tetra Fino Aseptic.
According to Tetra Pak, dairy and beverage products in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand markets are expected to grow at a rate of 5.6 percent annually from now until 2019.
In Vietnam, milk production is still the largest sector in the country, which is expected to double consumption per capita to 28 liters per year by 2020. While the market for fresh fruit juice is expected to grow 17.5% in the next year. This is the basis for packaging factories – including Tetra Pak’s factory to expect fast growth in the near future.

FDI into Vietnam Reached 25.5 Billion USD in 9 months of 2017

Japan-Vietnam economic cooperation will form a new value chain

FDI into Vietnam is always an impressive figure with steady growth every year, proving that many foreign investors have chosen to set up business in Vietnam. According to the latest figures from the Foreign Investment Agency, from the beginning of 2017 to the end of September 2017, foreign direct investment (FDI) has hit a record of 25.48 billion USD, increased by 34, 3% over the same period in 2016.
Of which, there were 1,844 new projects with total investment of 14.56 billion USD, increases by 30.4%; 6.75 billion USD of 878 projects registered for capital adjustment, increases by 28.3% and 4.16 billion USD of 3,742 capital contribution turns, share purchases of foreign investors, increases by 64% over the same period last year.
Statistics also show that the manufacturing sector has attracted nearly 50% of the registered capital of 12.64 billion USD in the past 9 months. Standing in the 2nd position in terms of FDI attraction is electricity production and distribution with total investment capital of 5.37 billion USD, accounting for 21% of the total registered investment. The 3rd position is the wholesale, retail sector with total registered capital of 1.58 billion USD, accounting for 6.2% of total capital.
It is worth mentioning that real estate sector, which continuously standing in the top most invested in the recent years, has been replaced by the processing, manufacturing and retail sectors…
Among investors in Vietnam, in 9 months of 2017, Korea still ranked 1st with total investment of 6.31 billion USD, accounting for 24.7% of total investment. Standing in the 2nd place is Japan with total registered capital of 5.91 billion USD, accounting for 23.17% of total investment. Singapore ranks third with total registered capital of 4.14 billion USD, accounting for 16.2% of total investment capital.

Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 10, 2017

Vietnam Personal Income Tax Laws Foreigners Should Know

As the deadline for declaring Personal Income Tax (PIT) is approaching, we are reviewing some tax laws in Vietnam that foreigners working and earning in Vietnam should know and comply.

Law No. 71/2014/QH13 dated 26 November 2014 issued by Vietnam National Assembly amending five tax laws including Law on Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) and Law on Tax Administration provides with regulations on PIT finalization.
Vietnamese Government further issued a number of regulations on tax declaration, payment and finalization, as follows:
1. Decree No. 91/2014/ND-CP dated 1 October 2014, of Government, amending Decree No. 65/2013/ND-CP and Decree No. 83/2013/ND-CP of guidance on the Law on Tax Administration (“Decree 91”). Decree 91 has complemented several exemptions from PIT finalization and comes into effect from 15 November 2014.
2. Circular No. 119/2014/TT-BTC dated 25 August 2014, of the Ministry of Finance, amending and supplementing a number of tax circulars in order to simplify tax formalities (“Circular 119”). Circular 119 has supplemented regulations on PIT obligations of any individual who is a citizen of the country and/or territory entered into an agreement on preventing double taxation with Vietnam.
3. Circular No. 128/2014/TT-BTC dated 5 September 2014, of the Ministry of Finance, guiding the reduction of personal income tax for individuals working in economic zones and border-gate (“Circular 128”). Circular 128 broadens the subject of tax deduction and comes into effect from 20 October 2014.
4. Circular No. 151/2014/TT-BTC dated 1 October 2014, of the Ministry of Finance, guiding Decree 91/2014/ND-CP on various aspects of PIT finalization, providing detail subjects which are not required to finalize PIT.
Tax resident in Vietnam should note that 2014 Personal Income Tax finalization shall be made no later than 31 March 2015.
About ANT Consulting 
We assist with Tax advice and related tax services in Vietnam to clients in various industries including financial services, trading, distribution and IT sectors on Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax and update on relevant tax regulations.
We could be reached via email: or office tel: +848 35202779.
Let ANT Consulting helps your business in Vietnam.